Creating a Lifetime of Friendship

Creating a Lifetime of Friendship

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BRADLEY AND MARV 3-SMALLFrom School-Based to Community-Based, see how Marv and Bradley’s relationship has grown. Sometimes, a good thing turns into a great thing. That was the case for Big Brother Marv and Little Brother Bradley. The match originally started in the School-Based Mentoring program. Bradley and Marv developed such a strong bond, they decided to transition to the Community-Based program. They now enjoy being able to spend more time together trying new things. “I feel incredibly blessed by this match,” Marv said. “As a father of only daughters, I’ve enjoyed getting to be involved in the life of a boy I care for deeply and admire.” The most impactful thing Bradley, 11, and Marv have done is volunteer at a community closet where they spent the day putting together shower kits. On the way home, Bradley told Marv he and his friends felt bad they couldn’t afford a PlayStation but he was able to see there are some people who have real needs. Bradley’s mom was overjoyed when she heard how this experience changed Bradley’s point of view and couldn’t thank Marv enough! When Bradley and Marv aren’t volunteering, they enjoy going out to eat (Bradley loves all things cheese!) and bowling.

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